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The Department of civil engineering has been in existence since 2009 with intake of 60. Over the years it has grown into full fledged programs. The faculty member have received degrees from reputed institution & have a very good academic experience ,the academic activities of the department emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principle development of creative ability the handle the challenge of civil engineering & the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature, the deportment also encourage the students to engage in extra-curricular & co-curricular activities essential for development, nurturing of team spirit & developing organizational skills

“Work first & success is next” by keeping this we are serving the student as well as the nation.


  • To ensure the academic success of every student
  • To improve the necessary skill for his/her successful career
  • To mould students has good human beings & use full citizen
  • To provide exposure to industry practice
  • To ensure campus placement of all our students
  • To encourage student to undertake innovative project to unfold creativity

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