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Girl’s hostel

The girl’s hostel has capacity for 300 students. Each student is provided with a cupboard, cot, table and chair as well as English & Kannada newspapers. The students are taken care by providing daily breakfast, lunch. Snacks &dinner T.V for their entertainment. Sweet dish and special dish are provided on Saturdays & Sundays. The hostel timings from 6:00AM to 8:30PM.There is a movement register for the inmates which is strictly followed .The hostel is guarded by 24 hrs by security guards. Solar water heaters and 24Hrs Power Supply (UPS or solar Power or Electrical Power)

Boys Hostel

The boys hostel has initial capacity for 500 students. The students taking admission in 1st year are encouraged to reside in hostel so that they are safe from ragging. Each student is provided with an cupboard, cot, table & chair as well as English & kannada newspapers. There is T.V. & sports (both indoor & outdoor games)for their entertainment. We provided daily breakfast lunch. Snacks &dinner, there is 24 hrs facility security guard